Available Grades

Aluminum 6061

Typical Applications: Screw machine parts, Truck bodies and frames, Running boards, Steps, Floors, Walkways, Platforms, Cover plates, Trench covers, Truck runways, Almost any structural component.

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Aluminum 2024

Typical Applications: Aircraft structural components and parts for the transportation industry.

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Aluminum 3003

Typical Applications: Cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, decorative trim, awnings, siding, storage tanks, chemical equipment.

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Aluminum 5052

Typical Applications: Wide variety from aircraft components to home appliances, marine and transportation industry parts, heavy duty cooking utensils, and equipment for bulk processing food.

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Aluminum 7075

Typical Applications: Used mostly in aircraft and transportation industries where strength is critical. Can be used as mold material for the plastics industry.

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Aluminum Cast

Typical Applications: Assembly jigs and fixtures, welding fixtures, hydro press form blocks, drill jigs, templates, vacuum chucks, index tables, printing machinery components, automotive tooling, aircraft components, electronic components, vacuum chambers, rubber and plastic molds, prototypes, medical instrumentation, foundry patterns, food machinery components, packing machinery, CNC routing tables, circuit printers, etc. Used in aluminum non-strength applications where stability and flatness is required.

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Aluminum PlateAluminum Plate has many applications in the manufacturing, industrial, construction and transportation industries where it can be used both structurally and aesthetically. It is measured by its thickness in inches. Grade 3003 is Highly Polished and is commonly used for decorative, cosmetic and architectural purposes.

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