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5 (More) Common Alloying Elements

There are many alloying elements added to steel to achieve various enhanced properties.

Grade Guide: A36 Steel

Steel is one of the most common metals used for structural applications.

Abrasion Resistant Steel

What Is Abrasion Resistant Steel Abrasion occurs when materials are rubbed across one another over a period of time.

Metal Supermarkets Now Open In Anchorage, AK

Metal Supermarkets, the world’s largest supplier of small quantity metals, opened its 88th store on October 23rd 2017 in Anchorage, Alaska.


Metal Supermarkets, the world’s largest supplier of small-quantity metals, will be an exhibitor at FABTECH 2017 in Chicago, IL from November 6-9, 2017.

What Is Weathering Steel?

Weathering steel is a family of low carbon steels that have additional alloying elements mixed in with the carbon and iron atoms.

Welding Galvanized Steel

Welding galvanized steel has gotten a bad reputation over the years (rightfully so) as the fumes produced during welding can be incredibly dangerous to the welder’s health.

What Is Anodizing?

Aluminum has an oxide layer that is resistant to corrosion and wear.