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The Aluminum Numbering System

Aluminum is normally alloyed with several different elements in order to improve the mechanical or chemical properties.

What Is Anodizing?

Aluminum has an oxide layer that is resistant to corrosion and wear.

Video Blog: 10 Differences Between Aluminum and Stainless Steel

While aluminum and stainless steel may look similar, they are actually very different.

Most Common Uses of Aluminum

Aluminum is the third most abundant metal in the Earth's crust, and the third most abundant element overall.

Which Metals Conduct Heat Best?

Thermal conductivity measures the ability of a metal to conduct heat.

History of Aluminum in the Aerospace Industry

Did you know that Aluminum makes up 75%-80% of a modern aircraft?! The history of aluminum in the aerospace industry goes way back.

Tips for Welding Aluminum

Aluminum is often thought to be hard to weld, however, that's not entirely true.

The Aluminum Extrusion Process

What is an Aluminum Extrusion? Aluminum extrusion is used to create lengths of aluminum of a fixed cross-sectional profile.