Category: Processes

What is Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)?

Shielded metal arc welding, commonly abbreviated as SMAW, is a fusion arc welding process.

What Is Superfinishing?

Metals from the mill often have a finish that is not particularly smooth or aesthetically pleasing.

What Is Cold Welding?

While welding is often associated hot orange sparks and molten metal, there are several welding processes that do not fit this visual.

What Is Friction Welding?

Often when people think about welding, they think of metals being melted together with sparks or flames produced by a combination of pressurized gases.

How to Polish Metal

Metals are often selected for their aesthetic appeal as much as their mechanical properties.

What is Shot Blasting?

Dirty, oxidized or otherwise unfinished material is undesirable for many reasons.

What is Pickling and Oiling?

When certain types of metals such as steel and copper are processed at the mill, they often have surface contaminants.

What is Case Hardening?

The ability to withstand abrasion and resist indentation are two very important attributes of certain types of metals.