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Brass 360

Grade Summary: Brass 360 is the most commonly used of the brass rod and bar items. The presence of lead creates a highly machinable material that can be cut, drilled and shaped easily.


  • Architecture: Terrazzo strip; Automotive: Sensor bodies, thermostat parts, fluid connectors, threaded inserts for plastic
  • Builders Hardware: lock bodies, fittings, hardware
  • Consumer: hot combs (to straighten hair)
  • Fasteners: screws, nuts, bolts
  • Industrial: faucet components, pinions, automatic screw machine parts, pneumatic fittings, gears, nozzles, valve stems, valve trim, valve seats, gauges, fluid connectors, screw machine products, adapters, unions
  • Plumbing: faucet stems, plumbers’ brass goods, faucet seats, plumbing fittings.

Analysis: Cu – 60/63% Zn – 35.5% Fe – .35% Min. Pb – 2.5-3.7%

Common Fabrication Processes: Machining, roll threading and knurling;

Mechanical Properties: (room temperature, 68º F (20ºC)

  • Ultimate Tensile Strength (psi): 58,000
  • Yield Strength (psi): 45,000
  • Elongation (%): 25
  • Rockwell Hardness: B78

Machinability: Machinability rating is 100. No material of comparable strength machines faster and produces better surface finishes than C360.
Hot Forming: Fair.
Cold Working: Fair.
Corrosion Resistance: Excellent.
Joining Techniques: Excellent for: Soldering. Good for: Brazing; Fair for: Butt weld; Not Recommended for: Oxyacetylene, gas shield arc welding, coated metal arc, spot, and seam welding.

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