Comparing Service Industry Jobs to Trade Jobs

“There are so many capable people in the Kent, Washington area and good votech (vocational technical) trade schools, but we have so many people who are always on the hunt for qualified workers. The welders they have in that area are quality. They just don’t have enough of them.” says Franchisee of Metal Supermarkets Portland Dwayne Swenson. A new study by Metal Supermarkets shows that of men and women ages 18-24, 51% would rather work as a barista than as a welder. The survey found that most young adults are not interested in attending trade school and this is largely due to them not knowing enough about trade schools and the benefits of a career in the trades.

“My perception is they don’t know about the potential pay levels in the trades. The medical and dental and all the benefits.” – Dwayne Swenson, Metal Supermarkets Portland, OR and Metal Supermarkets Seattle (Kent), WA franchisee.

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