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General Mills team names Metal Supermarkets’ employee ‘Driver of the Year’

Interaction between Metal Supermarkets employees and our customers can happen outside of our stores, and our expectation is that the customer receives the same fast and friendly service everywhere. Signaling that this customer service approach makes an impression with our customers, Metal Supermarkets Nashville lead truck driver Bob St. Laurent was recently named ‘Driver of the Year’ by the Receiving Department of General Mills in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Providing speedy and friendly service is a hallmark of the Metal Supermarkets business. We take great pride in providing superior customer service and personalized, value-added services to save our customers time and money. One of the more popular services customers take advantage of is the delivery service.

General Mills shipping and receiving team member Sherry Walls describes the award they bestowed upon St. Laurent, “We (the receiving department) celebrate Driver Appreciation Week each fall where we pick the driver that is most helpful, nice and courteous. Bob is a nice fellow to deal with; always seems to be in a good mood, and helps us unload the shipments. So, we wanted to do a little something to show our appreciation.”

Metal Supermarkets Nashville has been serving General Mills for more than 7 years. When the maintenance department needs sheet metal for guarding rail, round bar for machinery or stainless angle, they email an order to our store. Metal Supermarkets Nashville store owner Henry Niedzwecki explains his delivery driver’s service secret, “Bob is a very friendly and outgoing person. When he is in the store, he treats everybody like a long lost buddy, and he is the same way when he is out on deliveries. He takes the whole concept of customer service to the next level.”

Niedzwecki describes the honor bestowed on his champion delivery driver, “Befitting Bob’s status as a championship caliber driver, he was given a specially made box of Wheaties, ‘the breakfast of champions,’ in recognition of his outstanding service. We’re very proud of Bob and, as a team, we all appreciate this honor.”

Metal Supermarkets

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