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Georgia Loses 14,900 Job In April

Jobs have been declining at a rapid pace in Atlanta, Georgia, losing 14,900 jobs in April 2019, according to the Department of Labor. This is the largest it has been since the Great Depression, indicating that years of strong job growth has lost its steam.

This impact has been felt by local businesses, who are receiving plenty of applications, many of which are from unqualified candidates. Eric Rogers, franchisee at Metal Supermarkets Atlanta (South) was unable to find qualified employees when he opened his store in April 2018. This forced him to shift gears, choosing to hire people who had the right attitude for the position, even if they lacked experience.

“I got more than 400 hits, and no one fit the bill.” – Eric Rogers, Metal Supermarkets Atlanta (South) franchisee

Read the full Atlanta Journal-Constitution article.

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