How are Threaded Rods Used in Construction?

A threaded rod is something you’ll find in every electrician, plumber, or construction worker’s truck, its uses around the construction site are numerous, and its application flexibility virtually infinite. In this blog, we’ll go over some common uses of threaded rods and showcase why it’s so commonly used.

What is Threaded Rod?

A threaded rod can be described as a bolt with no head, but instead of the usually relatively short sizes available in bolts, threaded rod comes in lengths of up to 3 meters. This enables nuts to be screwed onto the rod at any position.

What is Threaded Rod Used For?

Anywhere something needs to be suspended, supported, or braced, threaded rods can be used. It is also often used to give adjustment or tension of components, as nuts can be run up or down the rod to adjust the position of bolted components.

For more on how threaded rod is used and made, read our blog here.

How is Threaded Rod Used in Construction?

Threaded rods are commonly used in construction industries, regardless of discipline. Below, we will take a look at the various construction applications of threaded rods.

Electrical Installations

As part of the installation of electrical cabling, trunking and appliances, threaded rod is often used to suspend bracketry and components from joists, ceilings or staging. It suits this purpose well as it allows for the exact position of mounting to be adjusted.

Threaded rod is also great for high-load applications, and such is great for ensuring electrical components are securely fastened and will not move, reducing the likelihood of tension being placed on wiring and connectors.

HVAC uses of Threaded Rod

Used even more commonly in electrical installations, HVAC installers will commonly use threaded rods to suspend trunking, ducts and appliances. The versatility of being able to adjust bracketry along the length allows multiple items to be suspended from one or two threaded rods.

Threaded Rod use in Construction

One invaluable use of threaded rods in the construction of buildings is when tying two beams together. Multiple beams are often used alongside each other with wood or spacers in between.

Threaded rod allows the setting of two beams apart simply with corresponding nuts and washers. This simplifies assembly as infinite adjustment is possible, which doesn’t require cutting and installing new parts as it would with timber or steel spacers.

Ground anchors are another common use case for threaded rods, allowing the tensioning of systems without the need for outside tensioning turnbuckles or bracketry.

Why is Threaded Rod so Versatile?

Not only is threaded rod helpful in bracketing and suspension applications, but it can also be supplied in high tensile grades, suitable for high load applications, such as in the installation and maintenance of heavy equipment.

Threaded rods are available in many different materials and finishes such as stainless steel, zinc plated, and galvanized. This means there is always a grade suitable for your application, be that in regular usage, outdoor applications, or marine environments.

Available in sizes from 0.25” up to 1.4”, threaded rods can be used to attach or support small-scale components as well as assemblies weighing multiple tons, or high-strength uses such as bridges and structural ties.

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