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1890 S Technology Drive, Appleton, 54914

5 Star Rating - 74 reviews

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November 16, 2021

Excellent service & great people to work with.

Jason Morgan

November 16, 2021

Great help and they always have what I need. As a hobbyist metal worker its nice to be able to get small orders with service like I was a big customer.


November 16, 2021

Speed and returning quote!!!

Mark Doro

November 9, 2021

I placed my order, they gave me a date to pick up.
When Igot there my order was ready to be picked up,
they told me to drive around the back to pick up and off we went.

Bill Strullmyer

November 9, 2021

Prices were in line with what I expected, Service was friendly and quick.

have a new list started, they will see me again soon!

Harvey Meyer

October 14, 2021

I found myself in need of 2 pieces of steel. none of the local hardware stores had anything wide enough. I made a call to metal supermarkets of appleton and was able to place an order over the phone. not only did the pieces come cut to size but were shipped right to my door in just a few days. Thanks again metal supermarkets


October 13, 2021

Great service – a little higher prices than other places. Will definitely check you when I have needs!

Dave Bennett

October 13, 2021

Here at Visionary Metals we are happy to deal with Metal Supermarkets because we always get great service, we get our parts quickly, and at a fair price.

Sincerely, Tim Bennett
Visionary Metals, LLC

Carl Hanson

October 7, 2021

Fast service, friendly representatives and fair pricing along with having the product in stock for pickup.

Thank You,

Chris Robles

October 6, 2021

Pricing was comparable to other options locally, service however was beyond what I could have expected. Have sent multiple people there to meet their metal needs!

Thomas Miller

October 6, 2021

Very prompt turn around time.


September 9, 2021

they go out of their way to get us our product on time.

Randy M. Bauer

September 3, 2021

Quick service and fast quoting!

Phyllis Moss

September 2, 2021

Chad has been very quick to get supply and pricing information. It’s great to work with someone so enthusiastic about his work. That with competitive prices- you can’t beat that!

Phyllis Moss, Moss Designs, Ltd.

Lee Fischer

September 2, 2021

Attention to detail and Customer Service.


September 2, 2021

Very easy to order via email. I would only suggest you enable payment via PayPal.

Tony Halverson

September 2, 2021

Ann was easy to work with. All my questions and estimates were quickly answered. Metal was cut extremely fast and spot on. Loaded into my truck for me.

Great place. Will be using there services for future projects.


September 2, 2021

First time customer, Very pleased!!


September 2, 2021

Great service


September 2, 2021

You had what I needed!

Brian Waite

August 11, 2021

I was pleasantly surprised how fast the product arrived and the willingness of the company to set it aside for me to pickup after hours.


August 5, 2021

I was happy that I could get what I wanted and the employees were friendly…


August 4, 2021

fast and friendly service


August 4, 2021

The woman that took my order was very friendly and helpful. Even though I did not have a lot of experience purchasing metal, she made me feel at ease about my purchase. This will be my go to place for future metal purchases!


July 12, 2021

Fast and very Friendly!!


July 12, 2021

have most materials and fast service


July 10, 2021

Fast, reliable, and professional!!


July 10, 2021

Easy, quick, friendly service


July 10, 2021

Great information on website and easy-to-work-with employees at local store

Gary Oppermann

June 4, 2021

the understanding of the importance of the material needed as ASAP! Thank You.

Richard Henriksen

June 4, 2021

I am retired and work on a old car and stuff. It’s nice to be able to get material quickly.


May 13, 2021

fast service have what I need on hand

Trent Nedens

May 6, 2021

Great services, always goes above and beyond to get what you need as quickly as possible.

Garry Williams

May 5, 2021

They got what I needed at the time , when I emailed them for a quote they responded quickly ( on a Sunday). During my visit they were very friendly and quick to take care of my purchase. I am very happy with the whole process and I will be back again.


May 5, 2021

Price and responsiveness

Robert Millard

May 5, 2021

You had just what I needed at an affordable price, friendly service to boot , can’t go wrong! Thanks again!


May 5, 2021

You can buy metal anywhere, but you can’t get the service you get at the Appleton location!


April 9, 2021

Fast and friendly service


April 9, 2021

You are close to us


April 9, 2021

Very friendly and the owner gave me very educational information on the different metals.

J Zielke

April 5, 2021

They had everything i needed with quick service.


April 5, 2021

Great customer service. Fast, friendly, and exactly what I needed.


April 3, 2021

Fast and friendly

Dan Young

April 2, 2021

The staff is knowledgeable and quick to return our calls


April 2, 2021

When you don’t have what I need you hustle to find it for me!


April 2, 2021

Very easy to work with


March 2, 2021

I like the fast service and metal availability and the very friendly service!
It is easy the to select standard materials and easy to make a purchase!

Thank you!


February 9, 2021

They had what I needed and cut it on the spot. Great product, great price. Definitely will tell people to go there

Harry demler

February 5, 2021

people up front were friendly and courteous, and the guy that helped me load my steel was super nice, he even took the time to show me all of the different metals and types that they had in stock, I’ll definitely be back and I’ve already told several friends what a awesome supply you have on hand.


February 4, 2021

excellent customer service!!!


February 4, 2021

Conbvenient and easy to deal with

Jim Panzer

January 6, 2021

Great products and service!

Merle Rathke

December 4, 2020

Good prices and in stock.

Donna Schwarz

December 4, 2020

Great group.
I was working late one night and sent out an RFQ, same with the team at Metal supermarket, I was getting real time “after hours’ responses to my needs. Great customer service.


December 4, 2020

Convenient and fast for any metal needs

Sam Brazee

November 11, 2020

Very easy to work with and good prices


November 23, 2020

was a fairly good experience. Quick response…friendly. P


November 4, 2020

Very fast and reliable service


November 4, 2020

Great customer service, fast delivery, knowledgeable staff


November 23, 2020

Increase staff.


October 4, 2020

Decent inventory and very friendly staff, willing to go out of their way to get what you need and fast!

Jason Morgan

October 2, 2020

No order minimums and fast service. Have purchased from them a few times now and they are great!


September 16, 2020

Quick friendly service and had what I needed in stock.

Ray Garbe

September 3, 2020

The service was excellent. Quick delivery and the best prices anywhere.


September 3, 2020

Quicker turn-around times. Most of our other suppliers have stock on hand and in inventory to which we are able to pick up same day or worse case next day. Our work is essentially “recipe work”, onesy, twosie, pieces to which we order material to the job not to our stock inventory. All of our work is essentially based on dates often warranting they needed the part or item “a week ago last Tuesday”. Waiting more than 2 days for material (unless it is extravigant off the wall material) often does not work in our environment. Your pricing is competitive at times, and unfavorable to our incumbants pricing at other times more times than not.


August 12, 2020

Service was great.


August 12, 2020

Service and selection is great!


August 7, 2020

Good price, friendly staff.


August 6, 2020

Excellent support, prompt responses.


August 6, 2020

friendly and they had a good price. also was near by.


August 6, 2020

You can buy just what you need.


August 5, 2020

Service and prices are good , will by again


July 15, 2020

Quick, efficient and reasonably priced!


July 8, 2020

fast turn around and the delivery driver. wow!