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Metal My Way Begins July 1

Metal Supermarkets to Sponsor Contest Featuring Creative Metal Projects.

Mississauga, ON, Canada (July 1, 2019) – Metal Supermarkets, the world’s largest supplier of small-quantity metals, today announced the start of the sixth “Metal My Way” contest which showcases creative and innovative metal projects built across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Starting Monday, July 1, contestants are welcome to submit a photo or video of their metal creations for a chance to win several valuable prizes.  Projects, along with some details about the creation, can be submitted using the online submission form on No purchase is necessary to enter the contest.

The contest is open to all residents, 18 years or older, in the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec), and the United Kingdom.  Contestants may submit multiple metal projects into the competition but are eligible to win only one prize.  A complete set of rules for the contest can be found on the Metal My Way website.

The contest features six categories grouped in the following projects:

  • Automotive or Vehicle Projects – This category includes car restorations/modifications, engine work, trailer and camper builds, plane builds or restorations, boat builds or restorations, motorized scooter, bike and buggy builds.
  • Furniture or Home Projects – Submissions including any outdoor and indoor furniture.
  • Knife Projects – Metal projects such as knives or blades created both for practical use or display.
  • Backyard or Home Projects – The category includes BBQs, smokers, staircases and railings, interior and exterior home renovations, and fire pits.
  • Industrial or Shop Projects – This category includes shop equipment and tool builds, larger scale construction projects or specific aspects of those projects, equipment and tool repair or modification.
  • Artistic and Design Projects – Metal projects that include jewelry, statues, sculptures, and other projects that have aesthetic designs that do not fall into the other five categories.

Three grand prizes will be awarded in total, with a winner being selected from each of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Each winner will each receive a Hypertherm Powermax 30 XP Hand Plasma Cutting System.

There will also be one winner for each of the six categories. Category winners will receive a Lincoln Electric 180 Amp Weld-Pak 180 HD MIG Wire Feed Welder. Projects will be graded based on complexity, scale, creativity, craftsmanship and quantity of metal used.

The Metal My Way contest will run through August 31 and winners will be announced approximately one week later.

“The Metal My Way contest is a wonderful way for talented and creative individuals to showcase the many impressive metal projects they have created,” said Stephen Schober, President and CEO of Metal Supermarkets, the title sponsor of the contest.  “This is the 6th iteration of the Metal My Way contest, and it has grown in popularity each year. We’ve seen thousands of submissions over the past several years, and with outstanding prizes this year, we expect to see many more fantastic and innovative metal projects over the next two months.”

In addition to Metal Supermarkets, the Metal My Way contest will also be sponsored by OMAX, a manufacturer of abrasive water jet systems, and Cosen Saws, one of the world’s leading band saw manufacturers.

About OMAX:
OMAX is a global leader in advanced abrasive waterjet systems, making it possible for virtually anyone to go as far as creating high-precision complex 3D parts on our machines. With everything under one roof, OMAX provides customers with U.S. engineered and manufactured products and a company you can trust. OMAX helps thinkers redefining how concepts become reality.

About Cosen Saws:
Cosen makes more than 140 models including vertical, horizontal, miter-cutting, NC & CNC automatic and customized bandsaws. Their diverse cutting abilities serve numerous industries such as construction, automobile, transportation, wind power generation, and more.

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