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Metal Threading


Metal Supermarkets offers metal threading services for a variety of metal types and shapes.

Metal threading is a processing method used to create helical grooves on metal surfaces, enabling them to be fastened to another workpiece with similar threading. This is important for those applications that require high load capacity and the ability to convert load with high accuracy and precision.

Metal threads can be made by subtractive, formative or additive manufacturing techniques; the type of thread needed dictates which method is used. There are three main categories of metal threading: thread cutting, thread rolling and additive manufacturing.

Metal Supermarket stores offer thread cutting, a subtractive method of producing threads on the internal or external surfaces of cylinders and cones using tools and dies. During thread cutting, a tool of the required thread pattern is used, removing material with each successive pass to create the desired thread depth. A metal threading machine (or cutting tool) such as a lathe, mill or die is used.

Metal threading is offered at select Metal Supermarkets stores. We offer large quantities of thread rolled and thread cut bolts and rods, made to your exact specifications. To learn more about our metal threading services, call, email or visit one of our 125+ locations across North America to see if metal threading is available.


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