Metal_Supermarkets-Metal-ShearingMetal Supermarkets shears all types of metal in sheet and plate to your exact specifications. Order as few or as many pieces as you’d like, and in a wide variety of thicknesses. All of our stores are equipped with shears capable of cutting up to 6mm thick sheet and plate on site. We can get thicker items cut quickly through our extensive additional services network. Our shears produce a straight, clean cut – no need to worry about burred edges or uneven cuts. Our professional, highly-trained staff will ensure the metal is sheared to your exact specifications.

Shearing involves the cutting of sheet and plate with high precision. Shears have a top and bottom blade and this process is very similar to cutting a piece of paper with scissors. Shears use blades made of high-carbon steel, which is extremely hard and allows the shear to cut through a variety of metals. Shearing is a standard service offered by Metal Supermarkets.

We can provide shearing services through our network. To learn more about our metal cutting services, call, email or visit one of our 125+ locations across North America.


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