Metal Supermarkets’ comes through in the clutch for largest highway project in United States

LBJ Express Conceptual PlanEverything is big in the Lone Star State – the cowboy hats, the football stadiums, the geography – so it is only fitting that the biggest highway construction project in the nation is happening in Texas. There are more than 100 subcontractors working on the on the LBJ Express project.

Not all the companies are local, and their normal suppliers may be too far away or too small to provide adequate service during large scale projects like the LBJ Express. So, when one of the visiting construction companies paving a section of elevated roadway needed a large supply of steel angle clips on short notice, they called on Metal Supermarkets to come through in the clutch.

The $2.7-billion LBJ Express project is rebuilding approximately 17 miles of IH-635, as well as IH-35E in Dallas County. Scheduled for completion in late 2015, the project will completely reconstruct and upgrade the existing highway to improve safety, relieve congestion, and account for future demand.

Metal Supermarkets fulfilled an order of 2500 angle clips and punched holes in them. The angle clips were used to connect pre-fabricated sections of road on an elevated stretch of the expressway. As evidenced by the angle clip project, there are lots of projects big and small that are going into the remodeling of the LBJ Expressway. When drivers are enjoying the new roadways and extended capacity, they will partly have Metal Supermarkets to thank.

Metal Supermarkets

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