Metal Supermarkets Franchisee Donates to Welding Class

Jesse Johnson, franchisee of Metal Supermarkets Indianapolis (East), has been donating scrap metal to local schools for five years now. This is all in an effort to alleviate the shortage of welding professionals across Indiana.

With the donations, Jesse’s goal is to encourage a younger generation to enter the welding trade by providing them hands on exposure to welding. At his Metal Supermarkets location, he collects off-cut pieces of metal from orders, and brings a bucket full of usable material to various schools on a weekly basis. Hamilton Southeast High School, one of the local schools that Johnson donates to, has seen a drastic increase in interest in the welding program, from 5 to 28 students enrolled within a year, thanks to the opportunity for hands-on welding practice.

The program has helped sparked the interest and excitement in students, while also offering life skills and a sense of belonging.

I feel it’s our duty being in the industry to try to encourage younger people to get involved,” – Jesse Johnson, Metal Supermarkets Indianapolis (East) franchisee

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