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Metal Supermarkets Helps Re-Create a Special Trophy

This year’s champion won’t be lifting this trophy over their head.


With the big game only a couple weekends away, this customer story is particularly relevant. In November 2014, Green Bay unveiled an incredible 50-foot-tall replica of the championship trophy in the lobby of their storied football stadium. This replica of the coveted trophy – named after the famous Green Bay head coach – is the largest structure to ever be chromed.

Built by Foam by Design, the monument was created in seven major pieces and three smaller pieces with a metal and foam infrastructure. The individual pieces were finished with chrome over a 10 week period by a team led by Dan Gokey of Insane Paint. The pieces were then shipped to and assembled at the stadium. The end result, a massive, 14.5 ton icon that sits in the new multi-story atrium surrounded by other historical memorabilia. The replica welcomes visitors to the newly expanded Hall of Fame, and when lit at night, the monument will be visible from Oneida Street over 700 feet away.

The gigantic replica trophy is part of a massive $140 million renovation project that wrapped up in 2015, which included the addition of a new gate, new player facilities and an expanded Hall of Fame. The loyal fans at Metal Supermarkets Green Bay were happy to help their team by supplying some of the materials for this huge project.



Photo Credit: Milwaukee Business Journal

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