Metal Supermarkets Tampa: Providing Opportunities for Veterans and Students

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TAMPA, Fla. — Attention to detail is something Brian Thompson learned early on in life while stationed on a submarine for the United States Navy.

“We don’t know how to quit, we just keep going and going until we get it right,” said Thompson.

Thompson may have retired from the service but his military values continue on in his new career as owner of Metal Supermarkets Tampa.

“The submarine is a little bit smaller than our shop,” said Thompson.

Thompson likes to treat every day like it’s Memorial Day, hiring many fellow veterans.

“I’m pretty proud of that, proud of my service and we’ll keep hiring veterans as we grow,” said Thompson.

Joe Wilson served in the Marines before becoming general manager at Metal Supermarkets. He said there is a camaraderie here that never lets him forget that he’s a patriot.

“It makes life a heck of a lot easier to get back into the mix of things whenever you have a group that is here to back you up 100%,” said Wilson.

Metal Supermarkets is also connecting with younger generations, providing materials and education to Tampa Bay technical high schools.

“Some of their high school kids will pursue a welding career and they’ll go on with further education and it doesn’t take long before they are making six figures a year,” said Thompson.

Thompson said the country is in need of welders and carpenters and he hopes this summer more high school graduates at least give it a shot.

“My advice to all the young people is put down your video game controller at least once in a while and learn to make something out of metal or wood and you’ll always have something to fall back on,” said Thompson.

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