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Metals bring relaxation garden to life

Grand Designs Live, the annual exhibition sponsored by the popular British television show Grand Designs, launched a competition to find the Grand Designs Live Garden Designer of the year. This new feature of the show aimed to showcase the best of the region’s garden designers intended to inspire your very own Grand Garden.Gradn Designs Live

Three show gardens were selected from designs submitted by local garden designers or landscapers and were built on-site in the Grand Gardens section of the exhibition. Each garden was inspired by the Grand Designs ethos which includes; Contemporary Style, Inspiration, ethical and environmental responsibility.

Garden Designs Live Garden Designer of the Year finalist, Fiona Daymond, enlisted the help of Metal Supermarkets to build her award-winning garden. Fiona’s garden design is an urban space designed for contemplation and relaxation yet incorporating a sense of journey, through variations in levels and materials. A very shallow pool with a closely packed cobble base and enlivened with a contemporary water feature, is the focus. The pool doubles as a bird bath and the steel liner round the sides and across the face of the bench, subtly reflects both light and water movement.

The West Bromwich Metal Supermarkets location supplied Fiona with a thin aluminum with a satin finish for the facing of the bench that reflected. Additionally, the garden featured a modern arch covered with grass that was anchored by steel corner sections containing a variety of hollow bamboo stems. Those steel corners were made of steel box section and were designed to link the grass-covered timber sections of the arch together.

As Louise Hughes, Metal Supermarkets UK Country Manager, put it, “This is a fantastic use of our metal products. It really gives people a different idea of what they can do with the metal. The possibilities are endless.”

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