Alloy Steel 4140

Grade Summary: Oil-hardening chromium-molybdenum steel has good strength and wear resistance, excellent toughness and ductility with the ability to resist stress and creep at prolonged high temperatures (up to 1000)Also available in leaded grades that have greatly improved machinability, but should not be used in applications over elevated temperatures cause lower ductility in leaded grades.

Typical Applications: Drill collars, high temperature bolts, sprockets, kelly bars, reamer bodies, rotary table shafting, oil well tool joints, spindles, stay bolts, tractor axles, tractor arms, axle shafts, valves, bolts, subs, couplings, trailer axles, winch shafts, piston rods, rams, hydraulic machinery shafts, precision lead screws, chain links, zinc die-casting dies.

Available Products: Round Bar, Rectangular Bar, Square Bar, Round Tube and Plate

Typical Chemical Analysis:

  1. * C – .38/.43 Max. *Mn – .75/1.00 *P – .035 Max.
  2. *S – .04 Max. *Si – .15/.35 *Cr – .80/1.10 *Mo – .15/.25

Typical Mechanical Properties**

Tensile Strength (PSI) 70,000
Yield Point (PSI) 60,000
Elongation*** 20
Brinell Hardness 200

* Chemical Analysis will vary on each heat number

** Ranges shown are for 4140 Annealed- All values are minimum values and are representative.

*** % in 2”

Alloy Tube Details:

Alloy Tube is measured by taking the following:

  • The outside diameter (inches)
  • The wall thickness (inches)
  • The inside diameter (inches)


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