Brass 385

Grade Summary: Brass Alloy 385 has been specifically developed for the mass production of brass components in high speed lathes,providing maximum output and long tool life.

Typical Applications: Nuts, bolts and screw threads.

Hot Working: Fair hot working properties within an ideal temperature range of 700ºC to 800ºC.

Cold Working: Exhibits poor cold working properties, and cold heading is not recommended.

Machining: A free cutting brass specifically developed for maximum output and longest tool life, ideally suited for mass produced brass components.

Corrosion Resistance: Has good corrosion resistance to weathering, with a fair resistance to many waters. It should not be used in contact with ammonia, or ammonia compounds, as it may suffer stress corrosion cracking.

Plating: Provides good surface finish through either polishing, and/or electroplating.

Joining Properties:

  • Soldering – Whilst good results can be achieved from Silver soldering, better results can be achieved from Soft soldering.
  • Brazing – Good results can be achieved from brazing.
  • Welding – Fair results can be achieved from both Oxy acetylene & Carbon arc welding. However Gas shielded and coated metal arc welding, and resistance welding is not recommended.

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