Brass C230

Grade Summary: Brass Alloy C230 otherwise known as alloy UNS No. C23000 is generally known as Red Brass. The pipe Brass Standard applicable is ASTM B 43 – Seamless Red Brass pipe.

Typical Applications: Condenser tubes, pickling crates, radiator cores, heat exchangers, flexible metal hose, fire extinguishers, pump cylinder liners, tags, tubing for heat exchangers, tubing for instrumentation, heat exchanger shells, fire hose couplings, Pump lines, pipe, service lines, J-bends, traps, pipe service lines.

Available products: Pipe Only.

Typical Chemical Analysis: *Cu – 84.0/86.0 *F – .05 *Pb – .05 *Zn – Remainder

Typical Mechanical Properties**

Tensile Strength (PSI)
Yield Point (PSI)
Rockwell Hardness

* Chemical Analysis will vary on each heat number

** All values are averaged and are representative.

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