Cold Rolled Steel C1141

Grade Summary:  Grade C1141 is a medium-carbon steel with higher mechanical properties than other medium carbon steels, as well as free machining properties. It has a fine-grain structure, with high consistency and uniformity, and is high strength as-rolled. Because of the free machining properties, it is usuallly used in automatic screw machines

Typical Applications:  Axles, Pins, Studs, Bolts, Shafts, Tie rods.

Available products: Round Bar And Shafting

Typical Chemical Analysis: * C – .37/.45 *Mn – 1.35/1.65 *P – .04 Max. *S – .08-.13

Typical Mechanical Properties**:

As Rolled Normalized Annealed
Tensile Strength (PSI) 95,000 97,000 85,000
Yield Point (PSI) 56,000 58,000 50,000
Elongation 25 23 26
Brinell Hardness 197 201 174

* Chemical Analysis will vary on each heat number

** Tests based on 1″ Round Bar – All values are averaged and are representative.

*** % in 2”

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