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Hot Rolled Steel C1045

Typical Applications: Axles, machinery parts, stud bolts, ordinary shafts, pinions, gears, rock screens, forming dies, tool shanks.

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Hot Rolled Steel C1141

Typical Applications: Axles,Pins, Studs, Bolts, Shafts, Tie rods.

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Hot Rolled Steel Round BarShafting is also known as Turned Ground and Polished or Precision Ground Shafting. Shafting are round bars that are turned and ground to a very specific diameter. They have a high precision and high quality finish. These shafts are polished to guarantee perfect surfaces, straightness and tolerances. Shafting is commonly used for bearings, pistons, and in hydraulic cylinders. Contact your closest Metal Supermarkets store for more information about metal types, shape and grades available.

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