Hot Rolled Steel A36 (44W in Canada)

Grade Summary: ASTM A36 is is the most commonly available of the hot-rolled steels which has good overall mechanical properties, is easily fabricated and may be formed hot or cold. Due to the hot roll process the surface on this steel will be rough when compared to cold rolled. ASTM A36 yield strength is also less than C1018.

Typical Applications: Trailers, Walkways, Ramps, Structural support, general fabrication

Available products: Round Bar, Rectangular Bar, Square Bar, Flat Sheet, Angle, Channel, Beam and Plate

Typical Chemical Analysis: * C – .27 Max. *Mn – .60/.90 *P – .04 Max. *S – .05 Max.

Typical Mechanical Properties** :

Tensile Strength (PSI) 45,000 Min
Yield Point (PSI) 36,000 Min
Elongation*** 23

* Tests based on 1/2” Round Bar – Chemical Analysis will vary on each heat number

** All values are minimum values and are representative.

*** (% in 2”)

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