Hot Rolled Steel C1010/1015/1018/1026/1045

Grade Summary: Grade C1010 is used in the manufacturing of Electric-Resistance Welded (ERW) tube. Typically available in Cold Rolled strip (16 gauge and lighter) and Hot Rolled strip (.083” wall and heavier). This product can be obtained in the as-welded condition (flash-in) or in the flash-controlled condition.

Typical Applications: Machinery stands, exhaust tubes, handles, hand rails, display stands, conveyor rollers.

Available products: Round Tube Only

Typical Chemical Analysis: *C – .08/.13 *Mn – .30/.60 *P – .035 Max. *S – .035 Max

Mechanical Properties**:

Yield Strength (PSI) 24,000
Ultimate Strength (PSI) 43,000
Elongation**** 28

*Chemical Analysis will vary on each heat number

** Based on Electric Resistance Tube Only – All values are minimum values and are representative.

**** % In 2”

Hot Rolled Round Tube Details:

Stainless Tube is measured by taking the following:

  • The outside diameter (inches)
  • The wall thickness (inches)
  • The inside diameter (inches)

Tube products are used in structural applications – This product is not used for the movement of of a volume, such as Air, Water or Oil

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