Plasma Cutting – Chicago Villa Park

Metal Supermarkets Villa Park offers fast in-house plasma cutting services to all types of customers in the Chicago area.


Plasma Cutting Services Villa Park

We can now offer our Villa Park customers high-speed, cost effective Plasma Cutting with our new Swiftcut Pro 3000 table, paired with our Hypertherm Powermax125 plasma.

Fast and Accurate Plasma Cutting

✔ Full 60″ x 120″ cutting envelope
✔ Pierces up to 1″ thick material and cuts up to 1 1/2″ thick
✔ Built-in marking tool can center mark or scribe bend lines and part numbers
✔ Mark welding spots or field drilling marks to ensure speed and accuracy for your field tasks
✔ Cuts almost any flat material, including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
✔ Able to cut holes, slots and openings in tubes, channels and beams
✔ Runs from a dxf file, but we can also draw, scan, or trace any design or template

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