Stainless Steel 416

Grade Summary: Stainless Steel 416 is a chromium grade of stainless steel with phosphorous and sulfur added to improve machinability. Most readily machinable of the stainless grades. It is magnetic in all conditions and capable of a wide range of mechanical properties by heat treating. This grade is available in precision-ground pump shafting.

Typical Applications:

  • Pump shafts and parts in machinery used in or around fresh water, food acids, and neutral and basic salts.

Available products:

Typical Chemical Analysis:

  1. * C – .15 Max. *Mn – 1.25 Max. *P – .06 Max. *S – .15/.40 Max.
  2. *Si – 1.0 Max. *Cr – 12.00/13.50 *Ni – .75 *Cu – .50 Max. *Mo – .60 Max.

Typical Mechanical Properties**:

Cold Finish (under 1⁄2” dia) Cold Finish (over 1⁄2” dia) Hot Rolled
Tensile Strength (PSI) 90-125,000 75,000 Min. 75-115,000
Yield Point (PSI) 45,000 Min. 30,000 Min. 30,000 Min.
Elongation 35 Min. 35 Min. 40Min

* Chemical Analysis will vary on each heat number
** All values are minimum values and are representative.
*** % in 2″

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