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Tool Steel S7

Grade Summary: Tool Steel S7 is a shock resisting tool steel with excellent toughness, high strength and medium wear resistance. Due to its maximum shock resistance and high compression strength, it has good deformation resistance and retains good toughness during use. this grade can be machine easily in the annealed condition and it can be heat treated. When quenched in air this material exhibits minimal distortion on hardening. S7 has medium hot work characteristics, making it a tool steel used for both cold and warm shock applications, as well as molds that require high hardness.

1. Forging: Preheat 1200°-1300°F. Forge at 2000°-2050°F. Stop at 1700°F and cool slowly.

2. Anneal: Heat slowly to 1500°-1550°F, cool slowly to 1000°F, air cool. Brinell 197 max.

3. Stress Relief of Unhardened Material: When desirable to relieve the strains of machining, heat slowly to 1050°-1250°F, allow to equalize, then cool in air.

4. Hardening:

  • Preheat: Warm slightly before charging into the preheat furnace 1200°-1300°F, prior to hardening.
  • Harden: 1750°F. Quench in air if cross section is 2-1/2″ or smaller; sections 2-1/2″ to 6″ should be oil quenched to black (1000°F) followed by air cooling to 150°F. Larger cross sections should be oil quenched to 150°F.
  • Quench: Quench in still air or dry air blast.
  • Temper: Double temper one hour per inch of section thickness to desired heating rate of 2 hours per inch. Cool in air to room temperature between the two tempers. Suggested: Cold working applications 400°-500°F. Hot working applications 900°-1000°F.

Typical Applications: See – Tool Steel Selector Guide (Above)

Typical Chemical Analysis: * C – .50 *Mn – .70 *Mo – 1.4 *Si – .25 *Cr – 3.25 *V – .20

* Chemical Analysis will vary.

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