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Metal Supermarkets Villa Park offers fast and reliable waterjet cutting services to all types of customers in the Chicago area.


Waterjet Cutting Services Villa Park

With our new in-house Maxium 1530 Waterjet Machine we offer high speed precision and accuracy on intricate shapes and details, tight radial corners and piercings.

Waterjet Cutting Provides Quality Finishing

A Waterjet cut finish is much smoother compared to plasma or flame cutting. The cuts are free of burnt edges, burrs, chips, and slag. Our Waterjet cutting services can save you unnecessary finishing time and costs.

No Heat Affected Zone with Waterjet

While laser, plasma or flame cutting can cause burnt and hardened edges, Waterjet cuts have no heat affected zone. This is important when the material cannot show any signs of burning or discoloration.

Perfect for CNC Machine Shops

Waterjet cut parts are ideal for CNC Machine Shops looking to save machine time and wear while decreasing their lead times. Without a heat affected zone or mechanical stresses, Waterjet cut parts require much less time and work to finish the parts on CNC Machines.

✔ Perfect for cutting ground steel or mic-6 without damaging the finish
✔ Full 60” x 120” cutting envelope
✔ Cuts with high-pressure water and powdered garnet
✔ Rated up to 6″ thick material
✔ Cuts almost any material from steel, stainless, aluminum
✔ Leaves a chip-free finish with smooth edges so that no grinding is needed
✔ Runs from a dxf file, but we can also draw, scan, or trace any design or template

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