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Important Announcement Regarding Sapa Aluminum Products

November 4, 2015

Dear Valued Customer,

We have recently learned that test records for certain aluminum extrusions manufactured between 1996 and June 26, 2015 at Sapa Extrusions America’s Portland, Oregon facility were falsified by Sapa employees to indicate that material which had failed test results had in fact passed. Moreover, at this time Sapa is unable to guarantee the accuracy of any test results for materials shipped from its Portland Plant from 1996 and June 2015.

None of our franchised stores or any of our head office staff had any role in this falsification, nor were we aware of it until mid-October 2015. All Metal Supermarkets stores, as well as its franchisor and a multitude of other metal distributors, are extremely distressed by this information.

While the altering of these test records was fully beyond our control, your safety and trust is paramount. We have instructed our franchisees to quarantine any unsold materials potentially subject to these false test reports. We have also recommended that they do not sell or deliver any Sapa products until we have assurance that they meet the appropriate specifications.

Sapa is a multi-billion dollar multinational extruded aluminum specialist with numerous locations in the United States and Canada. Simply because you have received Sapa manufactured product is by no means confirmation that a problem exists with Sapa products purchased by you. Further, given that the Portland Plant is on the West Coast it may be reasonable to assume that customers further east have a lower chance of receiving Portland products. However, we have no definitive evidence supporting this assumption. Our franchisees are working with their suppliers to attempt to determine which materials sold by them may be subject to these falsified records.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this unfortunate situation, or are aware of any structural or other safety-critical end uses for Sapa aluminum extrusions manufactured in Portland, please contact your local Metal Supermarkets store or Andy Mclean at our head office [email protected] or 905 362 8233. We will coordinate your communication directly with Sapa representatives.

We will work diligently to ensure this situation is thoroughly investigated and that all appropriate measures are taken. Our relationship with our customers is of the utmost importance and Metal Supermarkets will be at the forefront of any steps taken.


Stephen Schober
President and CEO

Metal Supermarkets

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