Alloy Steel 4130 (Chromoly)

Grade Summary: A chromium molybdenum alloy steel. Alloy 4130 is a widely used Aircraft Steel due to its weldability, ease of fabrication and mild harden ability. Alloy 4130 is also vacuum degassed to meet the magnetic particle inspection standards of AMS 2301.

Typical Applications: Aircraft seating, Roll cages, Motorsport applications

Available products: Round Bar, Rectangular Bar, Round Tube and Plate.

This item is not available online, please contact your local store for pricing and size availability

Typical Chemical Analysis:

  1. *C – .28/.33 Max.  *Mn – .40/.60  *P – .035 Max.
  2. *S – .04 Max. *Si – .15/.35  *Cr – .80/1.10 *Mo – .15/.25

Typical Mechanical Properties**

Tensile Strength (PSI) 97,000
Yield Point (PSI) 52,000
Elongation*** 28
Brinell Hardness 217

* Chemical Analysis will vary on each heat number

**All values are averaged values and are representative.

*** % in 2”

Alloy Tube Details:

Alloy Tube is measured by taking the following:

  • The outside diameter (inches)
  • The wall thickness (inches)
  • The inside diameter (inches)


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