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Top Steel Tubing Applications

What Is Steel Tube? Steel tube is strong, tough and durable.

How Steel is Made

Steel is one of the most widely used metals in the modern world.

Metal Price Trends – January 2015 – USA

In January 2015, prices increased in Aluminum, Cold Rolled and Stainless Steel.

The ABCs of Structural Steel

Structural Steel is an important building material characterized by its shape and cross-section, as well as its mechanical and chemical qualities.

Metal Price Trends – September 2014 – US

Our Metal Price Trends series provides monthly insight into industry news and economic activity affecting global metal prices, and empowers Metal Supermarkets customers to make timely and informed decisions when purchasing metal.

Metal Supermarkets Customer Turns Metal Into Mountains

A Metal Supermarkets customer recently turned metal into mountains by using material purchased from our Chicago Villa Park store to construct an indoor-rock climbing wall.

What Type Of Metal Do I Need?

When new customers call or arrive at a Metal Supermarkets store, they often don’t know what type of metal they need for their project.