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Comparing Service Industry Jobs to Trade Jobs

"There are so many capable people in the Kent, Washington area and good votech (vocational technical) trade schools, but we have so many people who are always on the hunt for qualified workers.

Metal Supermarkets Provides Training for and Hires Recent Trade School Graduates

A survey conducted by Metal Supermarkets revealed that over half of young adults said they've never considered going to trade school.

Metal Supermarkets Stresses the Need for Skilled Trades People

Patrick O’Toole of Metal Supermarkets Vaughan gets interviewed on Rogers TV's #BrantLife to discuss a recent survey conducted by Metal Supermarkets which addresses young adults' perceptions of trade school.

What is Metal Fatigue?

Metal fatigue is one of the subtlest types of metal failures, and one of the most dangerous.

The Difference Between Overheating and Burning a Metal

Using a metal material when creating a new product or structure comes with a host of benefits: high strength, ductility, toughness, ability to withstand the environments, and many others.

Ending the Stigma Behind Trade Schools and Jobs

"Half of students coming out of high school aren't even aware of trade programs at all," says Franchisee of Metal Supermarkets Rockford Nick Voigt.

Infographic: The Perception of Trade Schools & Careers

All statistics drawn from the full survey commissioned by Metal Supermarkets, which can be found here: Survey Says: There is a Lack of Awareness and Negative Perception of Trade Schools and Careers.

Survey Says: There is a Lack of Awareness and Negative Perception of Trade Schools and Careers

Despite the demand for skilled tradespeople and the accompanying high salaries, job availability and security, results from a recent survey show young Americans have an alarming lack of awareness about these opportunities.