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Make a Stainless Steel Kitchen Back-Splash

Building A Stainless Steel Kitchen Back-Splash We often get asked what type of Stainless Steel Sheet can be used as a kitchen back-splash.

5 Tips for Telescoping Tube

Quite often our customers ask us for tips and advice related to the telescoping of tube or pipe products.

How to Make Magnetic Boards

Magnetic boards can be hung horizontally or vertically and come in all shapes and sizes.

Hot Rolled or Cold Rolled steel? – Our Expert’s Guide

Looking for steel products and not exactly sure what type you need? Turn to the experts at Metal Supermarkets to guide you in the right direction.

Got Your Gauge? – How Metal Thickness Works

After determining what type and shape of metal you need for your project, you will need to figure its gauge.

What Type Of Metal Do I Need?

When new customers call or arrive at a Metal Supermarkets store, they often don’t know what type of metal they need for their project.