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History of Aluminum in the Aerospace Industry

Did you know that Aluminum makes up 75%-80% of a modern aircraft?! The history of aluminum in the aerospace industry goes way back.

Tips for Welding Aluminum

Aluminum is often thought to be hard to weld, however, that's not entirely true.

The Aluminum Extrusion Process

What is an Aluminum Extrusion? Aluminum extrusion is used to create lengths of aluminum of a fixed cross-sectional profile.

Important Announcement Regarding Sapa Aluminum Products

November 4, 2015 Dear Valued Customer, We have recently learned that test records for certain aluminum extrusions manufactured between 1996 and June 26, 2015 at Sapa Extrusions America’s Portland, Oregon facility were falsified by Sapa employees to indicate that material which had failed test results had in fact passed.

Which Metals Are Magnetic?

Magnets were first discovered by ancient civilizations going back 2,500 years, and by the 12th and 13th centuries AD, magnetic compasses were commonly used for navigation in China and Europe.

How Aluminum Is Made

In many ways, aluminum is the perfect metal.

What Aluminum Grade Should I Use?

Aluminum is a common metal used for both industrial and non-industrial applications.

Aluminum and the Auto Industry

Aluminum has been used to manufacture automobiles for well over a hundred years.