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What Is Turned, Ground and Polished?

Metal shafts used in high-speed applications require a large amount of precision.

How Is Diamond Plate Made?

What is Diamond Plate? Diamond plate - also known as tread plate or checkered plate - is a metal plate with a raised diamond pattern.

How Is Perforated Metal Made?

What Is Perforated Metal? Perforated metal is a form of sheet metal which has been punched or stamped with a machine to create a pattern of holes.

Difference Between Annealing and Tempering

What's the difference between annealing and tempering? The difference between annealing and tempering comes down to how it is treated.

Video Blog: The Difference Between Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel

Customers often ask us about the difference between hot rolled and cold rolled steel.

The Aluminum Extrusion Process

What is an Aluminum Extrusion? Aluminum extrusion is used to create lengths of aluminum of a fixed cross-sectional profile.

How Heating Metal Affects Its Properties

The electrical, magnetic and structural properties of metals can be changed through heat.

Why Is Galvanizing Important?

What Is Galvanization? Galvanization is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron in order to prevent premature rust and corrosion.