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Metal Supermarkets delivers for NASA program building extraterrestrial hardware

Think back to your high school days… It’s OK, we’ll wait.

Design company taps Metal Supermarkets to make dreams a reality

If your company wanted to build a 9-meter tall chocolate fountain in the middle of a shopping mall, who would you call? What if you wanted to sail an ice cream truck down the River Thames? You’ll likely need an architect, a designer and a sound construction crew.

Metal Supermarkets rises to the occasion to provide materials for NASA’s Curiosity rover

Metal Supermarkets, the world's largest supplier of small quantity metals, and long-time client LOFTech Prototype Manufacturing, are over the moon about their recent accomplishments.

Metal Supermarkets’ comes through in the clutch for largest highway project in United States

Everything is big in the Lone Star State – the cowboy hats, the football stadiums, the geography – so it is only fitting that the biggest highway construction project in the nation is happening in Texas.